The idea of the book:

This book was created to promote conviviality and the encounter between vegetarians / vegans and omnivores starting from a common ground like the Mediterranean Diet that is packed with dishes without meat and fish.
106 non-revisited vegetarian and vegan recipes have been entirely cooked and photographed by the author, who shows us that to follow a balanced vegetarian and vegan lifestyle it is not necessary to eat exclusively soya, seitan and the like, reserving the latter for a niche of only six recipes.
Do you think outstanding figures from our past like Caesar, Seneca or Leonardo da Vinci perhaps eat grilled tofu or soy stew? This work for the variety of its recipes, easy, fast and tasty, was designed for those who want to try their hand at vegetarian cooking on a daily basis or for those who suddenly find themselves a vegetarian at home and do not know what to offer them, something that these days happens more and more often! Forget the heart-rending search for unobtainable exotic ingredients or the frantic puzzle to find a feasible recipe: vegetarian and vegan cooking will never be the same again.

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