What is the Vegmed style?

The term vegmediterrano or vegmed means a vegetarian and vegan cuisine based on the Mediterranean food model. The dishes are prepared with simple and genuine ingredients available in the Mediterranean area, favoring the consumption of typical local products.

the vegmed style stimulates and encourages conviviality at the table among vegetarians, vegans and omnivores, defends the Italian and Mediterranean culinary traditions whose food culture takes precedence over the consumption of "exotic" products such as tofu, seitan, quinoa, etc. and facilitates the daily renewal of the vegetarian choice Finally, re-evaluate the Mediterranean Diet of the 50's which was mostly a vegetarian diet since the consumption of meat and fish was occasional: a diet recognized as Intangible Heritage of Humanity.

The vegmed is constantly evolving, in addition to the traditional vegetarian and vegan dishes, you can compose an infinite number of healthy, delicious and nutritious dishes: it is the creative fusion of tradition with innovation that every day gives us healthy and pleasing dishes for everyone!

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